Lesson Planning Idea

I was just remembering a project I worked on most of the summer quite a few years ago.  When you're teaching, time is precious.  You wonder how you will get it all done.  Making those weekly lesson plans definitely took a chunk out of my time.  So, that particular summer I decided I would make a lesson plan template on my computer and use it to make lesson plans for every week of the upcoming school year.  I used my plan book from the past year to guide me, making changes as needed.  I knew my schedule was going to be the same, and I would be teaching the same curriculum, except the Science was different. So I planned how I would teach the new Science lessons as I went along; it actually gave me more time to plan it in depth instead of just planning the basics.

I put in every subject, every lesson to be taught, times taught, recesses, everything throughout the day, just as I had always done.  Of course, I had to leave space for anything new that might be added. I also plugged in the GLE (which would now be the CCSS) code for each lesson, as we were required to do this in our plans.

I made the template using a table in Microsoft Word.  When school began, all I had to do was plug in only the particulars (page numbers, resources, etc.) each week.  Then I would simply tape it into my plan book.  It worked out beautifully.

Here is an editable template on Google Drive you are welcome to download.  Just click on it, and once you get to it on Google, just click on the download arrow and then open to the editable page.

Have a nice year! 

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