Back to School & Common Core Morning Work in Action!

I just got back from a trip to Oklahoma to visit my daughter and family.  I got to see my grand-kiddos meet their teachers and head off to their first day back to school - second grade, first grade & wanna-be-in-a-grade.  Everyone was a bit nervous, but totally excited!

 Ready to go!

    Big Brother - 2nd Grade                                                                            
Big Sis - 1st Grade

Thinks he's going to school and will be in Big Brother's class.

Reaction when he finds out he can't stay.                                                             

Wow, what a busy summer it has been!  It has taken me all summer to complete my Common Core Morning Work-Grade 2 series.  I just recently finished the last of the six units.  These units have been very popular and did very well at the TpT Back-to-School sale.  I have gotten some wonderful feedback!  Yeah, I'm so happy!  I use to do a version of these units with my second graders before I retired, and it always paid off.

While I was in Oklahoma, my kiddos tried them out, and it was a hit!  Take a look.

Piece of cake for this second grader!

This first grader even has a handle on it! 

And now that I'm back home, I've had the chance to "bundle", yes "bundle" all six units!

I'm so very proud of this Yearlong Bundle of my Common Core Morning Work for 2nd Grade.  Every unit, as well as the "bundle", has every problem coded with its CCSS and has answer keys.  It is the perfect way to start off the morning routine, while mega-learning is taking place!    Click on it HERE to check it out in my store.                                                     

Update:  You can NOW find the 1st Grade Common Core Morning Work Bundle HERE!


  1. Hi Anita,

    OMG! I feel soo sorry for small one!


  2. He wants some Common Core, too :)


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