A Plan for Differentiating Math Fact Mastery

Getting EVERY student in your class to master math facts can sometimes be a challenge!  We all know it's much easier for some than others, so we must have a plan to help every student become successful.  This can be accomplished by allowing your students to learn the facts at their own pace - Ah-ha, differentiation!  Realizing this years ago, I came up with this simple methodical format for making every individual in my class successful at memorizing addition (and subtraction) facts.  And it never failed me; it worked beautifully!  Most of you probably already do something similar, but I'm in a mood to share. So here it goes!

I've always taught at a second grade level, so my plan centers around second grade, but can easily be adapted to other grades.  At my school, there are 4 nine-week quarters.  So, my schedule for teaching mastery of addition and subtraction facts was divided between those four quarters as such:
1st Quarter  - Addition facts within 10
2nd Quarter -Subtraction facts within 10
3rd Quarter - Addition facts within 20
4th Quarter - Subtraction facts within 20.

I begin 1st Quarter with every student practicing with flashcards, games, centers, paper & pencil (and also include practice as part of homework).  For the first week of addition fact practice, we begin with +0,+1.  Every day students will practice in the various ways, and then take a daily "mad minute" quiz to assess mastery. Those who pass the quiz 100% will continue to practice +0,+1 for the week, but they will also move on to practicing +2 facts.  Those who don't pass right off will have the opportunity to do so by quizzing each day until mastery is achieved.  It usually only takes that first week for most everyone to master +0,+1, so I usually only give about a week before moving on to the first +2 quizzes (given at the same time as any +0,+1 quizzes if needed).

We practice +2 (along with +0,+1 review) for that second week, and usually another week before most everyone has mastered +2 (+2's are much harder).  Then we move on to +3 in the same way, and so on with a goal of everyone passing all levels by the end of the first quarter.  2nd Quarter I follow the same format with subtraction facts within 10: 1st week -0, -1,  2nd week -2, etc.  Third and fourth quarters follow suit.

And finally!  I have had the time to organize my plan in my "Mastering Addition Facts - Memorizing in Small Chunks" packets.  I'm excited to have just finished my 1st Quarter *Bundle*, "Mastering Addition Facts Within 10" which has my first 5 packets.

Click on the image for a peek!

You can also find Subtraction Within 10 and the Math Facts Mega-Bundle that has both the addition facts and subtraction facts within 10 bundles.

Have a Happy Day :)

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