Elf Antics December Calendar and Writing

If you have an Elf that comes to your classroom (or home) each year, is he just watchful, or is he a bit mischievous?  I know, sometimes it's a little hard to come up with what he might get into next. But look what I found from Steph Moore at A Little Moore. This calendar has an Elf activity for every day in December up to Christmas.  The ideas could easily be adjusted for the classroom.  At her website, she will have tutorials on how to make or set up these adorable Elf endeavors.  I think planning ahead for your Elf's antics is a great idea!

You may also want your kiddos to write about the mischievous activities of your classroom Elf.  If you are interested, here is my Christmas Writing Pack to help with the daily writing activities.  You can edit the writing page prompt for each day to coordinate with the Elf's antics.  Have fun!!


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