Day 2 -Teaching Structure and Properties of Matter Aligned with NGSS

Hey, everyone!  I'm so ready for spring!  How about you?  I'm excited for it to officially begin tomorrow!  I've been out of town for the past week and a half.  But I'm back and ready to continue with my series on teaching the "Structure and Properties of Matter" as presented in my recently completed unit.

If you remember, on Day 1, we began the preparation of the interactive notebook by gluing down the front cover and the back pocket (see here).

Day 2 is a continuation of preparing the notebook, as we skip the first page entirely and begin with the Table of Contents.  Students are given two options for the Table of Contents page.  They can either glue down the pre-made Table of Contents or just the heading under which they will need to write the content titles as they are taught.  Here are pictures of both options:

After a brief discussion on matter and that there are many words related to the study of matter, the students prepare a "Matter Vocabulary" page using the provided flappable.  They also glue down a vocabulary pocket to hold the definitions.  Each word is discussed in depth and its definition is glued under the correct flap as the unit progresses.  See the picture below:
On Day 3, your students will begin the exploration of matter.  Stay tuned for a synopsis of that lesson!

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