Teaching Structure and Properties of Matter Aligned with NGSS {Day 3}

Today our students begin the Exploration of Matter! 

I display the page "Everything is made of Matter."
We discuss that indeed everything is made of matter, and
I ask them to give examples of matter.

We talk about what matter is, 
leading to the discussion of mass and volume
and what they mean. 

It's really fun to see their reactions when they realize that they, too,

The boys and girls carefully color and glue their
"Everything is Matter" page into their notebooks.

And their "What is Matter?" page with the
definitions of "Mass and Volume" beneath.

Finishing with a colorful page of "Things Made of Matter."

This is such a fun unit!  Can't wait for Day 4!

You can click  on the image below to grab a free sample from my Structure and Properties of Matter unit. It is the set of "I Can" Statements aligned with the *Next Generation Science Standards.


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