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What are your favorite read-alouds?

Today I'm linking up with Deanna Jump for Let's Talk about Books!  

My all-time favorite read-aloud to my second graders was My Father's Dragon by
by Ruth Stiles Gannett.

This magical story is about a young boy who runs away to Wild Island to rescue a baby dragon.  The narrative mode is unusual in that the narrator refers to the protagonist only as "my father", giving the impression that this is a true story that happened long ago.  The kids love it!

In the story, we meet......

some tigers,

a rhinoceros, 
a lion,
and a gorilla
all leading to the baby dragon. 

There is also, of course, the island with a river, and a bridge made of crocodiles.

If you've never read this story to your class, you've gotta do it!  There are so many other things you can do off of it.  I always read it at the end of our dinosaur unit.  Although dragons aren't real like dinosaurs, they hold the same fascination to children.
Your kids will love it!


  1. Thanks so much for linking up with me! Even my kindergarten littles love this book!

  2. I've never read this- it looks great!
    The Meek Moose


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