A New Year Writing Freebie

It's been a very dreary last couple of days here in my territory.  Not exactly the "get in the Christmas spirit kind of weather;" today, it's pouring down rain.   But, nevertheless, I'm trying to get ready for the holidays. For the past week, slowly but surely, I've worked on my Christmas gift shopping list and done some decluttering around the house, trying to get inspired.

Ummm....been feeling more stressed than inspired.  Sooo, I've decided to get in the "spirit" by "giving."  For you, my dear followers, I'm leaving a special gift.  It's so close to winter break, and when teachers return to the classroom, it will already be the New Year.  This little pack of New Year writing papers may come in handy.  Please enjoy!
Click on the image.
How about you?  Have you gotten into the Christmas Spirit yet?  I remember how hard it is to balance both home and school during the weeks leading up to winter break.

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