It's so hard watching those students that struggle with memorizing their math facts. Subtraction facts were usually the hardest for my kiddos to master.

My math curriculum always seemed to be lacking in enough simple practice for each set of subtraction facts.  We had plenty of fun math facts centers, but that just didn't seem to be enough for some.  So, I created a 119-page  Subtraction Facts Set of supplemental practice printables and assessments for all subtraction facts within 10, as the counterpart to an Addition Facts Set I had created earlier.


Voila!  This systematic format of fact practice paid off year after year with successful math fact learners.

This is basically the format I followed (for learning subtraction facts):

* Practice one set of facts at a time for a week or two (depending on the difficulty of the fact set).   Individual students move on to the next level after that week if they are ready, while others may practice longer.

* Practice of each set, each day, is systematic:

STEP 1: Subtraction fact worksheet focusing on the set of facts that are the focus for the week.

(Two versions are provided - 20 pages)


STEP 2: Flashcard practice with all sets up to that point (e.g. -0 through -3), followed by flashcard practice of only the set being focused on for the week (e.g. -3).  The flashcard practice can be in the format of a game; for example, the Subtraction Fact Baseball Game (included in the bundle) or a variety of other games or centers using flashcards.


(Steps 1 and 2 are sometimes reversed, depending on your schedule or what seems to work best
for that particular class.)

Step 3: Mad minute quiz on the set of facts each individual is working on (all at the same time). A student must successfully complete all 20 problems within 1 minute in order to be able to move on to the next set of facts.


Step 4:  A Final Assessment of the focus set is given at the end of the week(s) to re-evaluate how well each student really knows the facts he/she passed on the quiz.  If the percentage of correct answers is low, more practice may be needed before moving on.

Getting through all of the subtraction sets (-0 through -5) works out to be about the number of weeks in one quarter of the school year, which worked out perfectly for me.  With my 2nd graders, my routine was to work on addition facts within 10 for the first quarter, subtraction facts within 10 for the second quarter, addition facts within 20 for the third quarter, and subtraction facts within 20 for the fourth quarter.  I love that the kids not only learned their facts well, but they were proud of themselves and felt successful!  I also awarded certificates of achievement for both passing each set and for passing all facts for the quarter.
Click on either image to download both award certificates.

I hope these strategies will be as helpful to you as they were for me!

Do you have some great math facts strategies that have worked well in your classroom?  If you do, I would love to hear about them.

Update:  I have now put both the Subtraction Facts Bundle and the Addition Facts Bundle together into one Math Facts Mega-Bundle if you are interested.

Thank you for ALL that you do for your students!

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