Mother's Day Soon and A Free Sample!

May is fast approaching, so I've been inspired to create a Mother's Day packet that is much like the one I use to do with my second graders.  The thing I love so much about it is that it not only allows the students to have fun making a special book for Mom, but it also gives them another chance to practice main idea and supporting details.

It will take a week or so for your students to complete it, so allow plenty of time.  I always liked having them work on it a little, page by page, each day.  

First we brainstorm things that our moms are best at, like making us feel better, etc. Then they do a prewriting worksheet like this:                                                
I include the
version with blanks for those who will make their books for a grandma,
aunt, or some other special woman in their lives.  Both versions are
included for every page of this packet.

 I do a mini lesson on main idea and supporting details. After which, the students choose 3 - 5 things from our brainstorming session as the main ideas that they will put on the worksheet. Then they must write 1 - 4 supporting details for each main idea.  Most of my students used two worksheets for this. Others, however, only wrote one or two main ideas and details. So, as you can see, this is a great activity for differentiation.

The next step is to use the prewriting worksheet to create our pages for the Mother's Day book.  I made several pages of this template for every student to use.  This is one of Emma's.

 After each main idea and details are made into book pages, it is time for the final culminating page.  On this page, every main idea is listed to complete the sentence "My Mom is the best at......" and a colorful picture is drawn to show Mom how much she is loved.  This is Emma's final page.

When all writing is done, students get a cover page to color (if you use the black and white version), and they color every page in the booklet, like Emma has done.

That's it!   The book is stapled together, and the kids are excited to take it home to surprise Mom on Mother's Day!

I've made a little sample from my Mother's Day writing packet for my followers.  Just click on the image below to grab it.  Enjoy!

If you're interested in the full Mother's Day writing packet, you can find it HERE.

*Thank you for ALL that you do for your students, and Happy Mother's Day (if you're a mother, of course)! :)

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