End of Year Parent Letter & Prevent the Summer Slide with Math Review

I know....I know.... I'm running a little behind with anything end-of-the-year, BUT I just had to share with you this free parent letter I designed to send home with your kiddos at year's end.  If you can't use it this year, make sure to save it for next year. :)

Click image to download.  Please note, this letter is not editable.
You will need to print a copy and sign it before making copies for your class.
It was designed with the idea of maintaining learned skills over the summer break - preventing the summer backslide.  After all, we've nurtured those babies for nine months plus, and they've come so far since Day 1.  Now it's time to let them go, and as we send them forward to the next grade, we feel a sense of pride in all that they have learned.  Yet, we all know, with summer break comes the backslide. You're confident your kids are fully prepared for the next grade when they leave your classroom for the summer, but next year's teacher may wonder, "Why didn't they learn anything last year?" 

Well now, with this letter in hand, you can get the help of parents to keep your students on top of it.

The three simple tips in the letter provide them with effective and fun ways to help their kids stay ready in reading, writing, and math.

1. Read with your children briefly each day.........
2. Surprise them with a notebook "diary" to record events of their summer..........
3. Play a variety of math games or provide coloring fun with summer color-by-number pages.

Here is also a fun summer color-by-number packet from TpT you could provide to your parents, along with the letter.

Have a great summer!

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