Vrooom, Vrooom! Father's Day Card Craft

Hi Everyone! I'm linking up again with The Therapeutic Teacher for her School's Out Summer Bash. Today it's a #CraftyTeacher Linky Party! I'm excited to tell you about a cute Father's Day craft I did with my eight year old grandson, Dreighton.

He spent last weekend with us, and I attempted to come up with some entertaining grandma and grandson activities. He really enjoys crafting and coloring. So, he decided he wanted to make a special Father's Day card for his dad.

Let me give you a little background information here on Dreigh. He is the best eight-year-old car expert you will ever find. When we are out and about, he's continually informing me of the make and model of nearly every car we see. He shares this car enthusiasm with his daddy, so it comes as no surprise as to where he gained his car knowledge.........and why he decided he wanted to make a car for his dad.

So we brainstormed, and I came up with a car pattern for him. He was excited and headed right off to begin crafting his special Father's Day card.

First he colored the car and cut it out.

folded it, and put glue along the edge of the side to be glued to the car.

Next he placed it on the car and pressed it down to stick securely.

Finally, Dreigh wrote his dad a nice Father's Day message inside the car door 

and put his "To" and "From" on the front of the flap.

Viola! Dreighton's Dad is going to love this Father's Day card from his sweet boy!

If you'd like to give this Father's Day "car"d craft a try with your kiddos, just click here to download both patterns.

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  1. Thank you for this cute card idea! I am planning Sunday School crafts for the month of June and will have the preschool age children make this cute card Father's Day Sunday. We will purchase some auto air fresheners (the kind you can hang from the rear view mirror) from the Dollar Store and have the children tape one inside the car door flap as a little 'surprise' gift. Since this age group wont be able to write the nice note as shown in the example I will write - "You 'auto' know just how much I love you!" and have the children sign their names as best they can. Thanks again for this great idea and especially the printable template!!!

  2. What an adorable idea, JEM! I know it will be a hit. Thanks for posting this!


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