Thank You Teachers Celebration

I'm so thankful for my teacher friends and want you to know about my week-long flash freebie! I hope you will find it quite useful as you head into the new school year just around the corner.

A little more than two years ago, I decided to take the plunge into the world of Teachers Pay Teachers.  I had just retired the previous fall, and had a slew of resources I had created for my second graders.  I was proud of how well these resources had helped my students and wondered how I might still use them to help others.  

When I found TpT, I thought perhaps if I spruced up some of these resources a bit, they might still be useful to students in other classrooms. So I got to work on my first product and was amazed when someone actually wanted it!  Now, when I think about how many students in so many places have had the same kind of success with my resources as my kids did, I am absolutely blown away!  

I've reached my second milestone on TpT and just want to thank you for believing in me and using my products in your classrooms.  Thank you for your love and support, along with all the wonderful feedback.  I appreciate you each and every day!

I am offering this fall themed Subject and Predicates I Have Who Has game for FREE for this entire week (July 26 - August 1).

Kids always love playing I Have Who Has, and this is a fun way for them to practice those tricky Subjects and Predicates which are usually introduced or reviewed each fall at several grade levels. If you are needing a fun way to teach this topic, now is the time to get this game!

Thank you for ALL that you do for your students!


  1. Thank you for sharing this resource. I too love my teacher friends. My kiddos will love this learning game.


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