How Does a Teacher Spend That 3-month Vacation?

Say what?!? That's right; haven't you heard this one before? It's surprising that so many people really think a teacher has a full three months off school to do whatever. Let me tell them, first the actual time a teacher is out of school until required to return is about two months. Teachers must stay in school later and return earlier than students. On top of that, there are usually workshops, professional development, curriculum development, committee meetings, etc. she is required to attend during her "time off." Then, most of us begin to prepare for the next school year by at least the 4th of July, preparing plans, lessons, organizational materials, getting the room ready, and so on. So really, those of us who have been there know we have a full-time job like anyone else. The great thing is, we love our jobs! I always loved the excitement of every new year - new students, a new learning community,and new opportunities to reach a child.

As I reflect on all of this, I still remember the anticipation, the excitement, and yes the hard work I put in every year. I miss it, but I've found new joy in TpT to connect once again. In retirement, I now have the time to create in the way I wished I had time for when I taught. So, I continue to spend my summer preparing for the upcoming year. I love it!   Happy summer to all of you!!

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