Back-to-School Welcome Letter and Postcard

Back-to-School Welcome Letter and Postcard

Hi all!  It's that time again.  Are you ready to meet your new kiddos?  I know I was always so excited to see all the new little faces and get to know them.  And as excited and nervous...yes I was, I know they were just as nervous to meet me and their new environment.

That's why, years ago about a week or so before school began, I started sending out welcome postcards to let my little ones know how excited I was to have them in my class.  I let them know that we would be doing lots of fun activities, and I just couldn't wait to meet them and get started.

I also wrote a letter with the same kind of message, that I sometimes sent instead; or if I didn't get the postcards out in time, I often put the letter on their desks at the before-school open house!  Or sometimes I put it on their desks the first day, so they could read and color it as they arrived, to help ease the tension.

Parents loved these too; they were always telling me how much their kids loved the postcard or letter and would carry it around for days.  This still makes my heart sing! To think how such a little act can mean so much to a child!

Anyway, today I'm sharing with you my postcard and letter templates that are editable so you can type in your own message, names and addresses.  I hope they help to make your beginning-of-the-year a little less stressful, with all you have to get done before the big day.

Just click HERE or on one of the images below.

Back-to-School Welcome Letter

Back-to-School Welcome Postcard

Back-to-School Letter and Postcard

Have a GREAT year!

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